5 brilliant steps to positively change your mindset!

5 brilliant steps to positively change your mindset!

When you hear people saying change your mindset it  sounds so easy right? Its not like flicking a light switch and all of a sudden you’re thinking positively and everything starts going your way. Many factors affect our lives that may sway our mindset from a positive healthy mindset to negative, these could be, but not limited to –

Our childhood upbringing

Relationship breakups


Financial problems

Mental health issues

When you are deep in despair and not quite sure how your life can be fulfilled and positive, it is then difficult to think positively. However, in order to turnaround your life from one of scarcity and despair to one of abundance and positivity, you have to change your mindset to match. This brings me to ”law of attraction”, the universal law that governs each and every human being, we probably can manifest negativity much easier than positivite energy without conscious awareness by our thoughts and emotion. What we put out there we get back, like a boomerang, we reflect exactly what we then get back.

”You get what you focus, so focus on what you want”. Changing your mindset to focus on the positives in your life creates a flow of energy that only great opportunities and synchronicity will be evident. Opportunities will start pouring in, sometimes from unexpected sources, the goals you were aiming to achieve will start happening, this is not by a wave of a magic wand. I was listening to a guy on Youtube who spoke about how he was stressing about setting up his business, because he wanted it so badly he focused on it so much yet at the same time he did not take time to rest and reflect. One time he decided he needed to take time out, walk his dog and stretch his legs so he can refocus and recharge batteries. Part of him was telling him that would be a waste of time, thankfully he chose to take that break and walk his dog. During his walk, he bumped into a friend who happened to ask him what he was doing as a job, the conversation they had there, was the missing puzzle to what he wanted to achieve. His life changed from that point, he got the lead he needed and his business went from strength to strength.

The following are the steps I’ve taken to change my mindset, it is a journey and enjoy the experience as it opens up your eyes

  • Believe in yourself – fall in love with yourself, if other people can achieve the goals they’re aiming, what’s stopping you? If you believe in yourself and have confidence, like minded people will be drawn to you. Even if you have to tell yourself, write it down or read it to yourself (affirmations), in time you will start to notice that it gets easier believing and loving yourself
  • Do not pass judgement – practice empathy,  love to everything around you – the way you treat others will be the same way you will be treated. Remember, what you put out there will come flying back to you, so imagine if you radiate positivity and love, the same will come in abundance
  • Be present – mindfulness is important, when you open your eyes, you will start to notice the opportunities around you, like minded people will start coming your way, encouraging and supporting you through your journey
  • Come from a place of abundance never scarcity, this is of utmost importance, when you open up your heart and move towards a place of less resistance, abundance can only come your way. You can only magnetize things from the  same vibrational frequency as you.
  • Meditation, stillness brings about reflection and focus, when we focus, quietening the little voice, we can search deep within and answers and solutions will become apparent.

Our thoughts and emotions carry energy so we can only receive what we reflect, its not an overnight achievement, small steps that will become a life style. Don’t wait to achieve something in order to be happy, be happy and enjoy the journey whilst seeking and fulfilling your purpose.

Until next time……………………

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