Change your mindset and discover your purpose!

Change your mindset and discover your purpose!

”Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become a profession”

How many of us have a hobby that they enjoy and keep it as ”just a hobby”. Many a times I have faced a lot of mental blocks, more my own doing than anyone criticizing me. Personally I have suffered with confidence issues arising from childhood when I constantly was berated not to speak up, told that I would amount to not much with my scatterbrain (I do have that quality unfortunately). Growing up in an African family household you were taught to accept things as they came and told to respect the elders and never to question or reply as that was deemed back chatting. I grew up being very safe, afraid to take chances/risks or thinking outside the box.

Fast forward 20 years or so that lack of confidence seeped into my adult life, as much as I was great at my job, relationships be they friendships or romantic ones I was never the one who questioned or spoke up when I was hurting. I accepted matters as they were presented. This was my downfall when I came to separation with a long term partner. I had to accept fault to the breakdown of the relationship because I was never outspoken during the relationship I think I might have been what a lot of people would term ”doormat”. I now believe, if there are issues in any type of relationship, one must voice them and this does not mean harshly or rudely, just voice your feelings and communicate. I am still a work in progress finding my feet and working towards ”self belief”. I am a great adviser however not great when it comes to following my advice.

The past few months I have taken bolder steps to work towards believing that ” I am valuable” and that ”I can do whatever I set my heart on”. I have set up a personal challenge to start working on my passion of holistic living and well being and sharing what  I read/research about. I love the idea of being mindful and aligning my heart soul and spirit. One of my exciting passions is exploring endless possibilities of using natural products on my skin and my hair. If you’re interested take a look at one of my blogs here. Everyday is a learning curve for me and I embrace the people and opportunities coming my way. I am working toward a life where I serve people by doing something I absolutely love and I am slowly discovering we, as human beings, are curious creatures and we all love to share and find information, this is an undying trend. There is so much to discover and share on this planet. What makes us that bit special as human race is we are all different, if we accept and embrace that difference, we learn so much from each other. Ask yourself, what tickles your fancy, what is it you do that brings a smile to your face and makes those neurons dance with joy? I believe, if you can answer that, then my dear friend you have found your passion. Explore your passion and discover what you can do with it to serve the world.

”I’ve no special talent, just passionately curious”…………Albert Einstein.


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