Do we attract what we put out?

ow come we find it difficult to feel positive, to be in a higher frequency or vibration? Why does negativity cloud and dominate our essence when something awful happens for a brief moment, it takes over our whole disposition and completely clouds...

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Does the law of attraction work?

''Be careful what you wish for'', the famous saying we all blurt out in our day to day conversations. This saying is so powerful as I associate it with the ''law of attraction'', attracting like for like. What we put out there is what we receive, do you believe in...

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About Me

Hi there, nice to join me on my journey of self-development and health and well being. I love blogging about our fascinating world and how we are connected, how changing our mindset can benefit us in living a fulfilled and abundant life. Hope you enjoy my posts, that you can resonate with some if not all the content.
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