Have you ever been in a situation where you know you’re being squeezed out of your comfort zone for something far greater? A lot of you will probably agree with me, and then the niggly doubting voice will then pop in your head asking you ”well how are you going to manage this”, ”will you make money with this new venture?” ”How will you survive if it fails”? Most of these questions usually veer to the negative and this usually is discouraging and we then continue in that comfort zone. Unfortunately, due to fear a lot of times we look back and regret not taking the plunge and following our dream. 

Fortunately, I was lucky to stumble a great community who have supported me during my journey branching out and stepping out of my comfort zone. It has been scary and exciting all at the same time. What I noted though was the learning curve is really steep and so much to take in, however, I am enjoying the journey and have learnt a lot about myself. I’ve managed to apply what I’ve been learning to practice and am thrilled that  I took the plunge. 


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