2019 Resolutions are not just for January……

2019 Resolutions are not just for January……

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and what a few weeks it’s been! The furore of Christmas celebrations, an abundance of food and drinks, tying up loose ends at work before the festivities, quality time with family and friends with the excitement of sharing and giving, last minute gift buying for the cousin or aunt who you’ve missed out. All the hive of activity

slowly we head toward the countdown till the year is concluded. It is a reflective time as we begin to prepare ourselves for the new year, it is a special moment to many of us as we always look back and contemplate on the year we are leaving and gain an understanding of what we would like to carry over in the new year and what we would like to improve on. A lot of us make resolutions each new year, what have you set out for the coming years, if so, what do you determine on achieving? Did you achieve the resolutions you set out last year, if so, how did you maintain the consistency and maintain the momentum?   This post speaks on how to view resolutions as daily goals/resolutions throughout the year.

  • Personally the last few years I have come to set resolutions as normal goals depending on when I want to achieve them. I feel that you can set goals that you can reflect every few months. Looking at what I started in the last year and continuing with those goals, taking time to reflect and analyse which direction I’m heading. I’ve learnt that goals can be set at any time during the course of the year and not necessarily setting new goals in the new year, it might just be about continuing with what you have started and to focus on your goals with determination and perseverance. It is about jumping at opportunities that come your way and experiencing life every which way the path takes you. When setting your goals write them down however do not plan how you will execute them because you will be surprised how the universe seems to have its own plans for you. Learning that when you have a plan in your head, it might not go the way you planned however it may or may not reach is important in the recovery and acceptance because one day you will look back and realise your straightforward planning had some convoluted detours which are sometimes lessons in themselves.


  • Never put pressure on yourself, the pressure only adds to unwanted stress. Mornings are a great time to check where you are with your goals and achievements, taking that little step for that day toward what you are aiming puts less pressure. There are times when we take a step back due to different issues, don’t let that put you off, keep trudging and keep persevering. A lot of times we set goals that are trending or ones that we think we should achieve, the only way you can embark on setting and achieving a goal is being honest with yourself and not follow the herd. View your ”resolutions” as bite chunk goals rather than ostentatious ones that you will dump on the wayside once the January resolution facade is gone. Goals do not have to be made only in January, they can and should be made throughout the year. When you achieve them during the year, go ahead and set some more!


  • I’ve often found that the spring season is symbolic to me, the season of new growth and birth I often find myself pondering and reflecting on where I’m going with my life, whether I am growing as a soul what is stopping from living a fulfilled life.


  • Toward the end of last  year I came to the realisation that I cannot force matters, all I need to do is live life in truth and surrender all control to the universe, it is the mastermind, I drive my vehicle, it directs it and when I drive over bumps, I am learning to recover from the stall and continue the journey, that is not to say it is easy, oh no it isn’t. It is learning to recover from the bumps and crashes with a positive mindset

My daily goals

As I mentioned right at the beginning of the post I am reviewing my resolutions daily and below are the bite-size chunk goals that I try and integrate in my day to day life. These are resolutions I knew I needed to live by as  I lacked in the qualities, and in the last few years through learning about consciousness and the energy surrounding everything on this planet, I realised that our bodies are a conduit of energy, we are part of that electromagnetic energy and tune to different frequencies depending on our mindset. The power of energy whether positive or negative depicts the outcome of the reality and the vibration frequency we resonate, so  living a positive life will raise vibrations resulting in a fulfilled way of life

  • Patience with everyone around me
  • To continue discovering my passion and calling, the reason why I am here on this beautiful earth
  • Taking daily action as I tend to procrastinate on the things I know I need to do to live a fulfilled life
  • Setting a good example to myself and to my children, be it in kindness, love, patience
  • Reaching my potential through determination and ensuring I am taking the steps toward that I want to achieve
  • To become rich and abundant in spirit, in my personal life, my relationship with my children and others around me
  •  Connecting  and aligning with people who support and share my growth, people that I can learn from
  • To continue growing and develop continuously and to live fearlessly


These are my goals I am integrating into my life so that they become habitual and become a part of my daily life and continue trying to live an authentic true version of myself.

What are your resolutions and what are you trying to achieve by setting them. I do hope you have a fulfilled life in 2019 and beyond and continue to seek the truth and the light.

Until next time…………………………


When your patience is tested, how do you cope when things don’t go to plan!

When your patience is tested, how do you cope when things don’t go to plan!

Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand and accept the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

The old me – huffing, panting, loud exhaling noises and temper simmering to boiling point. This was a typical reaction if things never went quite as planned, it would spoil my whole day and would bend anyone’s ear so they would know how upset I was and how unfair this whole situation is. Does this sound familiar? Ok, maybe not the reaction but when things don’t go according to YOUR plan, what is your reaction and how do you rearrange your day to benefit you rather than tip you over the edge? As I wrote at the start, this is the old me, why I say that is, I’m blogging about this situation whilst I’m facing the whole ”day didn’t go quite as planned” for the first time I’m not having a soliloquy in my head about the horrid situation instead I’m utilising the time to suit me. This is a short post, sometimes we get lost in emotions that wind us up so much that our whole day is affected. So how then do we turn this around into something positive?


My current job involves a lot of travelling and as such requires careful planning of journeys as I take into account the childcare during my brief absence. I am lucky to be in a harmonious flexible co-parenting relationship and blessed to have my parents literally around the corner from me however I still need to ensure I am running a tight ship. This week meant I have travelled 3 days and of those 3 days 1 was uneventful, the other two………… let’s just say, I would have been more useful working from home as we all know, time wasted, is time you will never get back so I decided to focus my emotions on something constructive! writing this Blog, this served 2 purposes

  • Utilising free time efficiently
  • Diverting negative thoughts from festering (to be honest two trips that were potentially not going to yield much would have made me really angry.

I realised this week that Its ok to feel an emotion, more importantly, it is the way you react to that emotion that is key. I was a bit annoyed however at the same time I realised that I could do some blogging because if I got annoyed and expended energy towards the situation, it wouldn’t serve any purpose. I simply surrendered into the situation and hoped that I would at least utilise the time I have and that the whole journey wasn’t fruitless. I did blog a paragraph before being ushered to where I needed to be to fulfil the purpose of my journey on that day. What I am saying really is, embrace the good and the bad in equal measures as the Universe has a way of designing our paths at times in a convoluted way such that we get muddled and confused only to then look back and realise the Universe was protecting us or setting us for greater things. I’m not sure if people will view it the way I do, I’m glad I am calm and at peace because my stress levels are down and I do not have the all-consuming bitterness that comes from annoyance. It is not about ignoring the negative energy/emotions, it is all about facing them, and dealing with them in a more calmer.

How have you dealt with challenging situations? I would love to hear and learn from you.


Until next time…………………….



Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Retrain your mind, feel it and overcome it!

Why is it easier for others to do or be what they want? Why are some of us crippled so much that they are stood still as if they’re in the middle of the a vast lake and the only place they’re standing is the safe haven.  Casting our net wider will only lead to danger, or so our mind teaches us to believe.

What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do

Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote resonates with me so much, as I feel that I go through waves of feeling great, confident, focused to feeling dejected, unsure of myself and a procrastinate. Do you have that feeling that you know you are meant for something far greater yet there is this deep feeling of fear of what could be? Even when you know that the unknown would be good for you? So why does it cripple some and not others?

So what is fear? Is it an acquired emotion or programmed in our psyche before we are even here on this earth? What have we stopped ourselves from achieving because of fear? This post will look at how micro and macro factors feed into our psyche from our early years and how we can reprogramme our minds to snap out of this and become who we want in this life without boundaries.

When we look at the micro setting, we think of our families, those close to us. As children, we look up to our parents as the drivers of our lives as they are the guardians and protectors. What they fear could be projected onto us sub-consciously and we pick up on that without knowing that we are. Those fears become ingrained and are practised, and what is practised becomes a habit and a habit eventually becomes a belief. When we believe something it becomes real to us. The spoken word is a powerful weapon in any sense it is used, so when there are belittling words that are spoken to an individual there is a knock on confidence and can have ramifications on self-belief and a lack of self-confidence it brings with it ”FEAR”.

In a macro setting, we are led to live like sheep, society feeding us expectations of what ”we” should be doing and what we should achieve at different stages of our lives. So we are railroaded into believing that ”go to school’‘, achieve the grades to go to university, get a job and life should be good. University is not everyone’s path, however, we are led to think that just get a job that pays the bills and does not question the status quo.  Consequently, some live an unfulfilled life as the expectation has been met but it does not bring satisfaction. The thought of quitting your job and focussing on a business venture leaves some people dumbfounded at the very thought, the people that go ahead and take that leap have faith that what they aim to achieve will be fulfilled, regardless of the downfalls they keep forging through.

Fear of failure is a common thread in society, especially when you think of jumping into a new venture and cannot quite see the end result. The people that seem to make it in what they do are those that feel the fear but do it anyway. Sounds easy right? It is only easy if you are able to overcome that emotion that cripples us and creates a downward spiral of self-doubt. I have come to realise that those that are confident and have faith in what they aim to achieve are the ones that get far and achieve their goals.

Fear of stepping outside the box, afraid of breaking the status quo is quite difficult. A lot of instances people have an idea in their head, however, executing it is halted due to the negative thoughts that hamper fruiting of that idea. So surely if some can do it, that means we can all achieve our goals, right? Absolutely! it is never too late to turn round your life and live your purpose.

How to overcome fear

Birds of the feather flock together”- simple yet powerful. What I mean by this quote, is, leverage knowledge from those that are doing what you love doing. We live in the digital world and can connect with people all over the world. You will find inspiration and guidance from people and their stories may actually surprise you and soon may realise you resonate with them on so many levels.

Retrain your mind, shifting it from I can’t to I can. This could be achieved in several ways. It is not an overnight transformation, it is an exercise to practice when incorporated in your daily routine becomes a habit and a habit becomes a belief. There are ups and downs in life but soldier on and tell yourself you can do it, a few tips you can undertake to start thinking differently, not exhaustive but can get you started.

  • Right down what you aim to achieve.
  • Take steps towards your goal, find out the tools you need to start your journey.
  • Believe in yourself and affirm that to yourself every minute of the day.
  • Self awareness/mindfulness is key, we have opportunities all around us however at times we do not realise. When you put your mind to what you want to do, the opportunities are orchestrated your way, it is for your taking, only if you notice.

Are you ready to realise the great potential you have to plunge into the unknown and go for it? A few days ago I saw this quote and it echoed my thoughts exactly, I am one of those few people that seem to take a step forward and other days I take a few steps back. Sometimes I fear my purpose and procrastination sets in and I resort to my comfy status quo, so I am on that journey too of training my mind, pinching myself out of that daze and working toward living a fulfilled life

What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do

Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I mentioned before, it is an ongoing journey and not a miraculous overnight transformation. I hope you enjoyed this post and have taken a lesson or two, or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

Interesting synchronicity when I finished writing this post, I was on youtube and came across this wonderful video on dealing with fear, it delves into this issue so beautifully and I think you will learn a thing or two!

Until next time……………

The awakening – how do you rewire the conditioned mind and living as the authentic you?

The awakening – how do you rewire the conditioned mind and living as the authentic you?

Allowing yourself to open up, living and facing  your emotions and feeling your energy flowing is a great step towards peeling those layers that have encrusted us, the rigid mindsets that were handed to us generation to generation. Fears and beliefs that have been passed to us by society, peers, family, parents.

Have you ever asked yourself whether some of the fears and beliefs you harbour are from you or have been ingrained in you during your lifetime? Attitude towards money, relationships, achievements? A few of the beliefs people deal with in a negative light, the last two words are like an oxymoron – negative light?….. probably should have reworded this……

The shift…..

In view of the agenda of collective consciousness and spirit enlightenment, there has been a massive shift in the paradigm as people are starting to realise that we are greater beings than we have been led to believe. That we have access to an infinite source of information. The Universe is the hub of great knowledge and wisdom, we have been led to believe that we have to stay in the lane, blinkered and that we have to accept what we are served. Well, that is not true, not in the slightest, we are co-creators of our reality and that the power we behold is greater than anything you can possibly imagine. It is a matter of tuning into the higher frequencies to reach and get whatever we put our minds to. The overlap between science and spirituality is gaining momentum and is providing evidence that we are a connected species with amazing abilities and resource only We need to open our eyes and mind access it. The relationship between science and spirituality is growing from strength to strength and is providing us with a new insight and understanding that for so many years science and spiritual have been talking about the same subjects but in a different language, I hope this makes sense as much as it is doing in my head.  

How do we shift our conditioned mindsets?

We need to delve deep within to begin changing our outlook in life, starting from within and sparking the embers within our soul and mind. 

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom


To be genuine with yourself, you have to face your emotions be they positive, negative, anger, happiness, fear. When you face your emotions, you acknowledge their presence and allowing them to run their course. There are situations we pretend to be who we are not, so as to please others, so as to not rock the boat. We are taught to live our lives without questioning the status quo and governed by the media feeding us what they tailor for our consumption. There comes a time when something within snaps! and you begin having these questions…………..

  • your existence, who are you?
  • is there more to this world than we can see?
  • what is out there?

My experience

There is a yearning to find answers to help you understand the hows and the whys. You start viewing the world in a different way, I for one started this journey 6 years ago and I can’t say I was aware at that time of what was happening. I remember talking to a colleague at work just explaining to her how I was noticing the 11:11 a lot, it was so profound it was difficult to ignore, she just thought I just happen to look at the clock around the same time a lot! I left it at that, it wasn’t until 2014 when I began to search online if anyone else was seeing these numbers and my whole world changed. It has been a journey with the usual life challenges and happy experiences, however, it is the way I am dealing with life issues that I am grateful for. Rewiring is not an overnight miraculous transformation, it takes a lot of practice. During that time, I lost people that did not serve a positive purpose to me, they literally walk away from my life and I do believe that the universe was clearing the way and connecting me with people that would walk with me on this journey. 

Face your fears and do it anyway…

The fears you don’t face become your limits

Robin Sharma

Facing your emotions, facing the fears that cripple you, is the first step in becoming true to yourself. Self-awareness of your emotions is a big leap and is a positive step, at times we do not want to experience these emotions so we then numb them by blocking them. This energy does not escape, it stays within us and so we become embroiled in this cycle of escapism and running away from who we are. There are stories you hear, people in their own mental purgatory as they become strangers to themselves, ”they do not know who they are” and that is the sticking point. Allowing our emotions can invoke painful memories and experiences. As this is a lifestyle change and not just for a season, there are a few tips you can adapt and include in your lifestyle.

  • meditation – taking the time to listen to yourself, digging deep within you and calmly observing you as a human being, without passing judgement to any actions you take. A few minutes a day, take that time for yourself, you can use apps that can guide you, for those who are beginners or just start slowly without the guided meditation.
  • positive affirmations – speak to yourself, give yourself the positivity you need in your life. Learn to acknowledge and let the negative little voice pass and override that with a beautiful uplifting positive mantra, again there are several sources you can use e.g follow some Instagram posts, Youtube videos, Facebook and Pinterest have a wealth of content.
  • love yourself – love you, the one person that can change the course of your life. When you learn to love yourself, you can then embark on changing everything around you. 

Remember, this is a lifestyle and not just for a season, it is a daily habit you can intergrate in your life. Time to time, I have to remind myself when I lose course but I always have the above tips to steer me back in the right direction. 

I hope you will find this post useful, it is time for a change, and it is not too late………………………

Until next time, beautiful souls.

4 great tips to change your mindset!

4 great tips to change your mindset!

The brain is a very powerful organ and also very delicate. Often our mood is influenced by how and what we perceive we are feeling. Your day can have different outcomes depending on our mindset, if you wake up thinking you’ll have a bad day, often more times than not, you will have a bad day. Our brains seek to recognise all that is negative and bad because we have steered it to that idea.
We have to recognise what strategies we can use in order to maximise our potential as a human race. By focusing on what is positive and good for our minds and souls we begin to realise that our minds are a powerful tool for personal growth. This transcends into our personal and business lives.

I was faced with a great challenge this year when I decided to change the direction of my life. As much as I enjoyed my job as in Clinical Research, it took me away from my family I was missing out on quality time with my children due to travelling for days with work. I was looking for a solution that will give me financial freedom as well as personal flexibility to earn an income whilst having the precious quality time with my children. I had a few doubts creeping wondering if I could take the plunge and change the course of my whole life, change direction from a clinical background to digital marketing how do I start. All these thoughts were swimming in my head, it wasn’t until I joined a wonderful online community that I realised I have the potential and ability to go for my dreams. Not only is it a digital marketing community, they are amazing at instilling self confidence, enriching your mind and encouraging you to fulfil your goals by their mindfulness modules, this is so unique to them, they are not only teaching you skills they are also helping you to find yourself and shift your mindset.

What consumes your mind? What controls your life often we are plagued by negativity and little voices in our heads that are very vocal about what you can or cannot do?  There are a few strategies you can use to quieten those little voices and shift your mind to a balanced positive place

  • Affirmations are a great way to start training your mind to focus on what is positive
  • Being present, a way of becoming mindful of who you are and your surroundings – often we become tunnel visioned and lose awareness as we become focused on our daily monotonous day to day. Take time to admire the vibrant colours around, become a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing
  • Meditation is beautiful way to become one with your mind – you don’t have to do hours of meditation, a few minutes at a time can help quieten the mind and promote focus
  • Admitting failure – it is not bad that you have failed, we all learn from failure/challenges, it is how you deal with the challenges that makes a difference

I hope this article is helpful and resonates with you, feel free to leave a comment if you so wish. Until next time…………

Healthy, tasty green salad packed full of goodness

Healthy, tasty green salad packed full of goodness

Salad packed with vitamins and minerals and a skin cleanser!

Who says salads have to be boring and a chore/obligation to eat? Nope, veer away from that mindset because the sky is the limit now with technology enabling us to access recipes from around the world, we are our own limitation. The reason for this post stems from my obsession with a salad that I usually purchase when I’m out and about with work, this salad is so tasty, nutritious, packed full of gorgeous nutrients. As much as this salad is consumed during travels, I realized that I could actually make it and give it my own spin without altering it too much. Another good reason was facing up to healthy eating to improve my skin because I have suffered from acne the last 4 years I had to tackle this monster head on by eating healthily and drinking lots of water

I am not a vegan nor vegetarian but this salad is so delicious I eat it just like that as I feel adding meat will spoil it, that’s not to say you can’t add some meat to accompany it, it’s my personal choice. In this section of the post I will list the ingredients and the benefits of each of them as I think it’s imperative to get an understanding of what is a balanced healthy diet, and it’s also exciting to have an informed choice of the benefits of eating something healthy and what it will do for your body. 

CaveatI am not a chef so most of my ingredients will not be listed with exact measurements, let’s just call it rustic measurements/ measuring with the eye. You get the gist of how much you want and we all do it sometimes……

Arsenal of ingredients to pack a punch!

  • A handful of raw baby spinach (enough for yourself if you’re just making a single serving). Spinach is rich in iron, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, fibre, protein and choline. These nutrients are beneficial in boosting your blood mineral content look at all these mineral-rich nutrients, it is great for repairing cells, and is low in calories, the benefits of the green leaf is endless, it’s safe to say it is an all-rounder for you. Spinach is brilliant as it is tasty whether cooked, raw in salads or added in smoothies. 
  • Two tablespoons of almonds – I prefer to lightly toast mine in a pan, the smell is intoxicatingly beautiful however if you like just toss them in the salad raw. I was always a fan of peanuts and never really bothered with any other nut I can safely say I’ve been converted! Almonds are a rich source of protein, fibre, magnesium and vitamin E and healthy fats, manganese, copper, riboflavin and phosphorus and they are also deemed as an oxidant. These nutrients are great in combating signs of ageing by repairing cells and reducing oxidative damage, some research data has revealed that the levels of vitamin E aids in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, especially when the nuts are still encased in their brown skin!
  • Two tablespoons grated carrot – this is my own spin, the orange  adds a vibrancy to the salad and carrots are packed full of vitamins, fibre, minerals, beta-carotene due to its colour  and is also a great antioxidant, you can just imagine the skin benefits of carrots so far already with only these ingredients you’re way on your way to a healthier body and a healthier skin (if you suffer from acne as I do).
  • Raw green beans (just a few) – these crunchy green tasty beans add a textural dimension on top of providing an array of healthy nutritional goodness to complement the other ingredients. Green beans can be blanched if you wish or added in the salad raw, they are low calorie, vitamin enriched and mineral packed super veg! They are high in Vitamin C great for boosting the immune system, fibre content is imperative for great colon activity thus preventing constipation!
  • A few florets of broccoli (blanched for approx 3 minutes), they should still have the lovely crunch yet soft enough to eat. Broccoli is packed with vitamins, fibre, minerals like phosphorus, manganese, potassium, and copper. The vitamin C content has a high content of antioxidants which fight the free radicals.  
  • Chia seeds are always a welcome addition to the salad, the great thing about these seeds is you can add them to anything e.g salads, yoghurts, smoothies. Chia seeds are packed full of fibre, omega 3 fatty acids even though they are of low calorific content. They also are high in protein and loaded with anti oxidants!  

A healthy salad commands a healthy dressing!

With such an abundance of nutritional ingredients, a lovely ginger and soy dressing will compliment this gorgeous salad. The marriage of soy, fresh ginger and olive oil will bring joy to your eating experience. Now to the recipe! If you make a batch of this dressing, you can keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days. This dressing you will have to adjust ingredients to suit your taste so below is a guide 

  • Two tablespoons extra virgin oil
  • One tablespoon light soy sauce
  • One teaspoon freshly grated ginger 
  • One tablespoon honey (adjust all ingredients to your taste) 
  • Whisk all ingredients until you get a lovely golden brown colour 

Drizzle the gorgeous dressing on the salad and hey presto ENJOY!!!

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