Synchronicity and consciousness, what’s your perception?

Synchronicity and consciousness, what’s your perception?

We are all connected as humans, to the earth and the universe therefore we will often communicate and given guidance. This is all central to one, some might identify it as God, Source,  Divine or nothing at all depending on your personal belief. I believe we are not solitary in this world (and by world I mean the whole universe, and mind you we are only a speck in the milky way). If you think about it, what we have on earth, the minerals, water and gases – we have components of these and we do need them in order to maintain our health. What we have on earth is replicated under the sea.

The body has electric charges – look at the function of the heart, it has electric charging taking place for it to continue beating, that is one but not all examples. If we have that capability this means we have energy, and what is energy when we relate it to a human being, would you call it your soul. Is that what makes you who you are? So if you think of all the components that makes us as humans plus the soul and energy we produce and possess then it sounds right that we are connected to each other and the universe.

A lot of signs come to us sometimes we just don’t notice it especially when we are closed off and we are not conscious or in other terms widely known ”present”. Many a times we are living in auto pilot mode where we are not aware of the beauty around us. The world is such an amazing place and at times we lose focus and we lack gratitude of this experience. Our world is full of it’s own energy which we can draw from, it’s energy is abundant and infinite and we can use this to ground us when we are feeling unbalanced/unsettled. This is a free resource you do not need to pay a subscription fee its there for the taking! So why are only a few people are aware of this, why are there only a few with the ”awakened consciousness”? We lead busy hectic lives that leave us no time to reflect and have time to communicate with our soul, continuously doing this as a human race has resulted in a closed unconscious soul. We have lost our connection with ”our Source” therefore we are blind to the signs and guidance that is given to us.

Synchronicity and law of attraction are connected, that is my opinion. The reason I think they are is ”we attract what we desire” and by so doing the frequency of which we begin to notice this brings about the synchronicity. I will reiterate, it is my personal opinion and I look forward to hearing other’s opinions. Here is an example that happened on 4th July, small as it might sound. I had been reading about putting thoughts into action and had made a Instagram ”as you think so shall you be”, what we think becomes reality if we put emotion, whether positive or negative. I embarked on my train journey to work and whilst standing in the rush hour packed train a girl had with a black tote bag with the words ” Dream your desires to come true” that made me smile as it resonated with what I’d been reading earlier and for me I thought that is the universe telling me that it’s listening and it will be bring those thoughts towards me. It made me smile even if it might not be significant. It also made me realize that I had had a wave of consciousness, of awareness which I need to be consciously aware and work at it until it becomes part of my lifestyle without purposely practicing it. I am working towards it becoming a part of me not something I have to remember to do.

The past couple of weeks I had to review my attitude towards my children, work colleagues, friends and strangers around me. Firstly I had to stop passing judgement, practice patients (especially behind the wheel) and to realize that we are all connected and everyone deserves love. It has been really exciting and an eye opener to put into place these steps. What good is it, to preach goodness and consciousness when it is not resonated in your life. To be conscious here are a few pointers to head in the right direction

  • be in the moment, be present in your surroundings, absorb and articulate the detail around you
  • be healthy – a healthy mind needs a healthy body, when you eat healthily you become aware of the goodness of nourishing foods that feed your body, mind,  and soul
  • having a sense of purpose, we were created to serve on this earth, each and everyone of us has a purpose. When you become mindful and aware of who you are you will find your purpose.
  • conscious awareness – become unbiased towards everyone and everything around you. I have noticed my patience when i’m driving has improved my view of people, and have become to accept that everyone is where there are supposed to be at that time, whether they are driving at snail pace.
  • you will start resonating and connecting with like minded people who are on the same path as you

As I’m finishing off this blog post, I’ve been listening to Dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton on YouTube and they are discussing becoming conscious, when we choose to make changes to our lives,  the vibration levels that opens up the door to your subconscious this enabled by 0.1 Hz signal between your heart and your brain (heart brain harmony) talk about synchronicity. If you would like to listen to this powerful video please click this link

Forgiving your ex after a break up – relationship tips

Forgiving your ex after a break up – relationship tips

Relationships are as complex as trying to figure out what happens when our souls depart this earth, however as human beings we yearn to love and be loved, sharing memories and wonderful experiences.

You often hear people exclaim that ”Love hurts”, I disagree, Love does not hurt, it is pure and peaceful, we use the term ”love” synonymous  to ”relationship”. Usually when a relationship turns sour, a lot of emotions run rampant and couples suffer and respond to this differently. My question is, ”how do you recover from a break up with some or all of your senses still intact?”, lets be honest there are things some people have done to their exes to express their hurt, some quite funny, others not so good. I’ve heard of a guy who decided to take all his girlfriend’s earrings backs just to annoy her and that was after a break up. That i think is hilarious however some have scratched their exes cars because they found out they’d cheated. It might make you feel good albeit for a short time but when the short lived satisfaction is over the hurt is still there. That’s the same as drinking to drown your sorrows, that is a temporary relief but when you wake up tomorrow the pain and emotions around that issue are still there, together with a banging headache.

We need to focus on how we can recover from the breakup ensuring we have emotional health and most of our dignity, yes i’ve said it, we need to have dignity. From a personal point of view, I have experienced being the one that ended a relationship and also the one that was left heartbroken and in both instances I found the following steps helped me ride the emotional wave whilst at the same time giving me clarity and hope that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. These steps might not help everyone however there are some who might resonate with this.

  • Forgiveness – forgiving the action and forgiving your ex. I  feel that was a great step personally for me following the break up. A lot of times people focus on the hurt they’re going through and in turn harbour a lot of resentment which creates a negative mindset.
  • Negativity does not help moving on. We attract like for like so you can imagine if you have negative intentions you will attract a lot of negativity towards you. Hence you hear people exclaiming how they seem to attract the same type of person. I have come to discover that after a break up you need to ”detox” yourself of anything to do with the person you’re with.
  • Finding yourself- rediscover who you are as an individual, the best way to move on is to find happiness within yourself. We do not need to find a partner to bring happiness. A partner should be someone you have to share the happiness you already have. Find out what you love doing, a new hobby, go out with friends, socialize with the people that care about you and take steps towards your happiness by being happy on your own.
  • Most importantly, Love yourself, love who you are as a person, flaws and all. If you cannot love yourself, how do you expect to love someone else? How do you expect to share any love and be loved too.

When you feel complete within yourself, only then are you able to attract the right person in your life. Life is a lesson in itself so accepting that someone can come into your life for a season to teach some life lessons is a great way to overcome resentment and hate. You will always look back and accept once you have identified what they came to do in your life.

Do you have any steps you’ve taken to overcome a relationship break up? If so what was it? Were they healthy steps? Or are there steps you might want to review and change?

Until next time…………………………..



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