5 Marketing tips – are you targeting the right people?

5 Marketing tips – are you targeting the right people?

How to build your customer avatar.

Marketing can be so daunting, especially when you have nowhere to start or who to market to. The virtual world is vast so you want to ensure that by targeting the right person to your services you are not aiming blindly.  This post will provide building blocks on building your customer avatar. 

”To successfully sell your product, you need to be marketing to the people that need your product”

So who is your target audience? How do you start identifying this person in this vast virtual world, by so doing you are likely to save yourself invaluable time and money. There are 5 important starter questions that are essential in defining your target  customer, in this post, we will expand on each question. 

4 great tips to change your mindset!

4 great tips to change your mindset!

The brain is a very powerful organ and also very delicate. Often our mood is influenced by how and what we perceive we are feeling. Your day can have different outcomes depending on our mindset, if you wake up thinking you’ll have a bad day, often more times than not, you will have a bad day. Our brains seek to recognise all that is negative and bad because we have steered it to that idea.
We have to recognise what strategies we can use in order to maximise our potential as a human race. By focusing on what is positive and good for our minds and souls we begin to realise that our minds are a powerful tool for personal growth. This transcends into our personal and business lives.

I was faced with a great challenge this year when I decided to change the direction of my life. As much as I enjoyed my job as in Clinical Research, it took me away from my family I was missing out on quality time with my children due to travelling for days with work. I was looking for a solution that will give me financial freedom as well as personal flexibility to earn an income whilst having the precious quality time with my children. I had a few doubts creeping wondering if I could take the plunge and change the course of my whole life, change direction from a clinical background to digital marketing how do I start. All these thoughts were swimming in my head, it wasn’t until I joined a wonderful online community that I realised I have the potential and ability to go for my dreams. Not only is it a digital marketing community, they are amazing at instilling self confidence, enriching your mind and encouraging you to fulfil your goals by their mindfulness modules, this is so unique to them, they are not only teaching you skills they are also helping you to find yourself and shift your mindset.

What consumes your mind? What controls your life often we are plagued by negativity and little voices in our heads that are very vocal about what you can or cannot do?  There are a few strategies you can use to quieten those little voices and shift your mind to a balanced positive place

  • Affirmations are a great way to start training your mind to focus on what is positive
  • Being present, a way of becoming mindful of who you are and your surroundings – often we become tunnel visioned and lose awareness as we become focused on our daily monotonous day to day. Take time to admire the vibrant colours around, become a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing
  • Meditation is beautiful way to become one with your mind – you don’t have to do hours of meditation, a few minutes at a time can help quieten the mind and promote focus
  • Admitting failure – it is not bad that you have failed, we all learn from failure/challenges, it is how you deal with the challenges that makes a difference

I hope this article is helpful and resonates with you, feel free to leave a comment if you so wish. Until next time…………

Healthy, tasty green salad packed full of goodness

Healthy, tasty green salad packed full of goodness

Salad packed with vitamins and minerals and a skin cleanser!

Who says salads have to be boring and a chore/obligation to eat? Nope, veer away from that mindset because the sky is the limit now with technology enabling us to access recipes from around the world, we are our own limitation. The reason for this post stems from my obsession with a salad that I usually purchase when I’m out and about with work, this salad is so tasty, nutritious, packed full of gorgeous nutrients. As much as this salad is consumed during travels, I realized that I could actually make it and give it my own spin without altering it too much. Another good reason was facing up to healthy eating to improve my skin because I have suffered from acne the last 4 years I had to tackle this monster head on by eating healthily and drinking lots of water

I am not a vegan nor vegetarian but this salad is so delicious I eat it just like that as I feel adding meat will spoil it, that’s not to say you can’t add some meat to accompany it, it’s my personal choice. In this section of the post I will list the ingredients and the benefits of each of them as I think it’s imperative to get an understanding of what is a balanced healthy diet, and it’s also exciting to have an informed choice of the benefits of eating something healthy and what it will do for your body. 

CaveatI am not a chef so most of my ingredients will not be listed with exact measurements, let’s just call it rustic measurements/ measuring with the eye. You get the gist of how much you want and we all do it sometimes……

Arsenal of ingredients to pack a punch!

  • A handful of raw baby spinach (enough for yourself if you’re just making a single serving). Spinach is rich in iron, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, fibre, protein and choline. These nutrients are beneficial in boosting your blood mineral content look at all these mineral-rich nutrients, it is great for repairing cells, and is low in calories, the benefits of the green leaf is endless, it’s safe to say it is an all-rounder for you. Spinach is brilliant as it is tasty whether cooked, raw in salads or added in smoothies. 
  • Two tablespoons of almonds – I prefer to lightly toast mine in a pan, the smell is intoxicatingly beautiful however if you like just toss them in the salad raw. I was always a fan of peanuts and never really bothered with any other nut I can safely say I’ve been converted! Almonds are a rich source of protein, fibre, magnesium and vitamin E and healthy fats, manganese, copper, riboflavin and phosphorus and they are also deemed as an oxidant. These nutrients are great in combating signs of ageing by repairing cells and reducing oxidative damage, some research data has revealed that the levels of vitamin E aids in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, especially when the nuts are still encased in their brown skin!
  • Two tablespoons grated carrot – this is my own spin, the orange  adds a vibrancy to the salad and carrots are packed full of vitamins, fibre, minerals, beta-carotene due to its colour  and is also a great antioxidant, you can just imagine the skin benefits of carrots so far already with only these ingredients you’re way on your way to a healthier body and a healthier skin (if you suffer from acne as I do).
  • Raw green beans (just a few) – these crunchy green tasty beans add a textural dimension on top of providing an array of healthy nutritional goodness to complement the other ingredients. Green beans can be blanched if you wish or added in the salad raw, they are low calorie, vitamin enriched and mineral packed super veg! They are high in Vitamin C great for boosting the immune system, fibre content is imperative for great colon activity thus preventing constipation!
  • A few florets of broccoli (blanched for approx 3 minutes), they should still have the lovely crunch yet soft enough to eat. Broccoli is packed with vitamins, fibre, minerals like phosphorus, manganese, potassium, and copper. The vitamin C content has a high content of antioxidants which fight the free radicals.  
  • Chia seeds are always a welcome addition to the salad, the great thing about these seeds is you can add them to anything e.g salads, yoghurts, smoothies. Chia seeds are packed full of fibre, omega 3 fatty acids even though they are of low calorific content. They also are high in protein and loaded with anti oxidants!  

A healthy salad commands a healthy dressing!

With such an abundance of nutritional ingredients, a lovely ginger and soy dressing will compliment this gorgeous salad. The marriage of soy, fresh ginger and olive oil will bring joy to your eating experience. Now to the recipe! If you make a batch of this dressing, you can keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days. This dressing you will have to adjust ingredients to suit your taste so below is a guide 

  • Two tablespoons extra virgin oil
  • One tablespoon light soy sauce
  • One teaspoon freshly grated ginger 
  • One tablespoon honey (adjust all ingredients to your taste) 
  • Whisk all ingredients until you get a lovely golden brown colour 

Drizzle the gorgeous dressing on the salad and hey presto ENJOY!!!

Does a physical clear out benefit the soul?

Does a physical clear out benefit the soul?

So this weekend has been a beautiful, cathartic exercise I carried out, that was long overdue…………..I had a clear out, I guess I could call it an autumn clean opposed to the ”spring cleaning” we tend to do when spring is looming. It all started on Wednesday when my dad nearly got lost in my garage, yes it had stuff literally falling out, stacked items on top of each other as I always had the ”in case I’ll need it” mindset. My dear dad proclaimed he will come over one morning and clear out my garage, and sure enough, he did stick to his words. What happened in the days that followed was a massive transformation to my psyche.

What I discovered during those few days was a lot of baggage, unnecessary items that I didn’t even use. Knowing now that everything is energy I realised I was harbouring old ghosts in the items. I still had stuff I had with my ex-partner when we were together. I saw this as holding on to the past so I knew the best thing to do was remove all these items and clear the energy for new energy. The trip to the tip was such a great release interestingly I felt lighter and my mood was uplifted becaus

  • I released energies from the past
  • I also had a very clean garage

I just didn’t stop there, I then cleared out my wardrobes, I had bags of clothes and shoes I cleared out,  I had not worn in such a long time and they went to people that really needed them. I realised I went through a phase of buying clothes, not because I needed them, I feel that I was replacing something I had lost with online clothes shopping. Most of the clothes weren’t things I even wore!  So not only was it a therapeutic activity for my mind and soul, but I was also doing something charitable. I noticed that, during a challenging time, a few years ago.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits that clearing out has, I can’t imagine there are any negatives other than saying goodbye to the things you thought you needed otherwise it is a positive experience.

  • With clearing out, comes cleaning and re-organisation (brilliant bonus).
  • Clearing clutter clears trapped, old energy and also letting go of the past and generating new energy.
  • Clearing clutter has a tremendous impact on our physical and mental wellbeing when you clear out it is symbolic of ridding old emotions you have been holding on to and may also increase vibrational energy in your home. The emotions may not all be bad but as we shed skin cells and hair so should we shed old energy to create room for new energy

There are brilliant tips on what to clear when you’re making room for new things and how it benefits your wellbeing click here to read Kelly Prince’s article. Now that we have highlighted the wonderful benefits of physically clearing out to benefit us physically and spiritually, think about what you need to clear out in your house, car or garage to make way for new energy and to release old trapped energy. Mindfully take note if you feel different immediately after the exercise and if you then continue to experience a different energy shift moving forward. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from cleansing your surroundings, until next time beautiful souls..…..

Do we attract what we put out?

Do we attract what we put out?

How come we find it difficult to feel positive, to be in a higher frequency or vibration? Why does negativity cloud and dominate our essence when something awful happens for a brief moment, it takes over our whole disposition and completely clouds our emotions? We are told that in order to be the kind of person that is righteous and existing on a higher consciousness one has to

  • to be selfless yet not a walkover,
  • kindness without expectation
  • loving without passing judgement

Basically, loving everything around us without passing any form of judgement, serving the world without any expectation of getting something back but just helping because you want to transform someone’s life. All these qualities are the epitome of an individual who is living a fulfilled life with a higher consciousness. So how come it is a challenge to live according to those qualities? How do you survive life’s curveballs without losing patients and pulling your hair out? Living righteously is when you truly live your life as genuinely as you would like, without any pretence, just being you! How liberating does that make you feel when you wake up thinking, I am who I am, without needing to please anyone at your detriment. Living a fulfilled righteous life does not mean being a people pleaser whilst sabotaging your happiness, it’s when you have awareness of what is right and fulfilling in your life. I guess what I’m trying to understand, as I journey through life is that, in order to live positively, I should live a fulfilled life, I exist harmoniously with everything that is around me and that I follow my purpose.

When you come to realise the essence of the Universe and what it has to offer for us earthlings, is that each and every one of us came to this earth with a talent and to use that talent to heal, mentor and empower each other. That makes each individual on this planet unique and gifted, such that pursuing that purpose, for those that have not yet done so, so fulfilling because that is when you realise that you are here for a reason. Our purpose/gifts are transformational beyond measure, and because there is such a variety of purposes, we are bound to learn infinitely as there is always something new to discover. However, this brings me back to the same question,

Why is it only a few realise the Universe is here to provide for us and guide us through life so we can be whoever we want to be and pursue our dreams? What has clouded our thought process, mindsets and behaviours that has convinced us that we should not question anything and that we should be content with the way our life path is shaped? There seems to be ”a wake-up call” which is termed as ”the awakening” when an individual becomes aware of a transformation and an awareness that there is more to life than we think we know. From then on, the way life is viewed becomes so different and more meaningful because when you awaken, the mind is inquisitive and yearning to know more so much that self-development becomes essential. Finding your purpose to serve the world becomes paramount as putting the world right becomes far important than material gain.

You will never be the same again, I guess what I’m trying to say is you cannot reverse the ”awakening” because the only way is forward from that point. When you start questioning your existence, who you are and what is around you, you realise that you will not tolerate the things that do not serve your purpose. Often enough I have listened to several podcasts and read a lot in forums and groups how some people have changed their way of life, for example,

  • eating habits   – cutting out sugar, fatty or fast foods as these foods do not keep our bodies healthy, some people decide to become vegetarian completely cutting out meat. This one is quite difficult for me personally as I have only cut out sugar recently, it is tough but I am getting used to it. I’ve not cut out the meat yet not got to that stage and not sure whether I would, however, I do incorporate a vegetarian diet.
  • exercising – it is a great way to release endorphins and the feel-good vibes that is food to our souls.
  • being present – becoming aware of your surrounding, living in the present, one of the chores of meditation. This leads me to the next point.
  • be around people who inspire and build you – this is important as you will become aware that opportunities will become available and some may say ”coincidences” I would say ”synchronicities” become apparent…..
  • meditation – taking the time to go introspective and understand yourself and gain mental clarity. Meditation provides the calmness and heightened awareness. I am still miles away from being experienced, I do struggle to meditate daily or as often as I would like. I try not to put myself under pressure when  I don’t get a chance to meditate, I would love to meditate so it becomes a way of life rather than a task to do!

Can you imagine the goodness and joy that will come to you when exhibiting positivity, fulfilling your purpose and living your life the best way you can? How amazing will life be, rather than waiting for something to happen in order for you to be happy, it’s about being happy during the journey of life. Being genuine to yourself and to others, It is not about people pleasing, it’s about honest living with compassion and empathy towards others. Connecting with like-minded people who will inspire you to live your higher level, the Universe will bring to you what you exhibit so why not live a fulfilled positive life, just being you, and enjoying the life we have, it is a wonderful gift and we only have 1 life.



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