Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand and accept the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

The old me – huffing, panting, loud exhaling noises and temper simmering to boiling point. This was a typical reaction if things never went quite as planned, it would spoil my whole day and would bend anyone’s ear so they would know how upset I was and how unfair this whole situation is. Does this sound familiar? Ok, maybe not the reaction but when things don’t go according to YOUR plan, what is your reaction and how do you rearrange your day to benefit you rather than tip you over the edge? As I wrote at the start, this is the old me, why I say that is, I’m blogging about this situation whilst I’m facing the whole ”day didn’t go quite as planned” for the first time I’m not having a soliloquy in my head about the horrid situation instead I’m utilising the time to suit me. This is a short post, sometimes we get lost in emotions that wind us up so much that our whole day is affected. So how then do we turn this around into something positive?


My current job involves a lot of travelling and as such requires careful planning of journeys as I take into account the childcare during my brief absence. I am lucky to be in a harmonious flexible co-parenting relationship and blessed to have my parents literally around the corner from me however I still need to ensure I am running a tight ship. This week meant I have travelled 3 days and of those 3 days 1 was uneventful, the other two………… let’s just say, I would have been more useful working from home as we all know, time wasted, is time you will never get back so I decided to focus my emotions on something constructive! writing this Blog, this served 2 purposes

  • Utilising free time efficiently
  • Diverting negative thoughts from festering (to be honest two trips that were potentially not going to yield much would have made me really angry.

I realised this week that Its ok to feel an emotion, more importantly, it is the way you react to that emotion that is key. I was a bit annoyed however at the same time I realised that I could do some blogging because if I got annoyed and expended energy towards the situation, it wouldn’t serve any purpose. I simply surrendered into the situation and hoped that I would at least utilise the time I have and that the whole journey wasn’t fruitless. I did blog a paragraph before being ushered to where I needed to be to fulfil the purpose of my journey on that day. What I am saying really is, embrace the good and the bad in equal measures as the Universe has a way of designing our paths at times in a convoluted way such that we get muddled and confused only to then look back and realise the Universe was protecting us or setting us for greater things. I’m not sure if people will view it the way I do, I’m glad I am calm and at peace because my stress levels are down and I do not have the all-consuming bitterness that comes from annoyance. It is not about ignoring the negative energy/emotions, it is all about facing them, and dealing with them in a more calmer.

How have you dealt with challenging situations? I would love to hear and learn from you.


Until next time…………………….



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