The awakening – how do you rewire the conditioned mind and living as the authentic you?

The awakening – how do you rewire the conditioned mind and living as the authentic you?

Allowing yourself to open up, living and facing  your emotions and feeling your energy flowing is a great step towards peeling those layers that have encrusted us, the rigid mindsets that were handed to us generation to generation. Fears and beliefs that have been passed to us by society, peers, family, parents.

Have you ever asked yourself whether some of the fears and beliefs you harbour are from you or have been ingrained in you during your lifetime? Attitude towards money, relationships, achievements? A few of the beliefs people deal with in a negative light, the last two words are like an oxymoron – negative light?….. probably should have reworded this……

The shift…..

In view of the agenda of collective consciousness and spirit enlightenment, there has been a massive shift in the paradigm as people are starting to realise that we are greater beings than we have been led to believe. That we have access to an infinite source of information. The Universe is the hub of great knowledge and wisdom, we have been led to believe that we have to stay in the lane, blinkered and that we have to accept what we are served. Well, that is not true, not in the slightest, we are co-creators of our reality and that the power we behold is greater than anything you can possibly imagine. It is a matter of tuning into the higher frequencies to reach and get whatever we put our minds to. The overlap between science and spirituality is gaining momentum and is providing evidence that we are a connected species with amazing abilities and resource only We need to open our eyes and mind access it. The relationship between science and spirituality is growing from strength to strength and is providing us with a new insight and understanding that for so many years science and spiritual have been talking about the same subjects but in a different language, I hope this makes sense as much as it is doing in my head.  

How do we shift our conditioned mindsets?

We need to delve deep within to begin changing our outlook in life, starting from within and sparking the embers within our soul and mind. 

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom


To be genuine with yourself, you have to face your emotions be they positive, negative, anger, happiness, fear. When you face your emotions, you acknowledge their presence and allowing them to run their course. There are situations we pretend to be who we are not, so as to please others, so as to not rock the boat. We are taught to live our lives without questioning the status quo and governed by the media feeding us what they tailor for our consumption. There comes a time when something within snaps! and you begin having these questions…………..

  • your existence, who are you?
  • is there more to this world than we can see?
  • what is out there?

My experience

There is a yearning to find answers to help you understand the hows and the whys. You start viewing the world in a different way, I for one started this journey 6 years ago and I can’t say I was aware at that time of what was happening. I remember talking to a colleague at work just explaining to her how I was noticing the 11:11 a lot, it was so profound it was difficult to ignore, she just thought I just happen to look at the clock around the same time a lot! I left it at that, it wasn’t until 2014 when I began to search online if anyone else was seeing these numbers and my whole world changed. It has been a journey with the usual life challenges and happy experiences, however, it is the way I am dealing with life issues that I am grateful for. Rewiring is not an overnight miraculous transformation, it takes a lot of practice. During that time, I lost people that did not serve a positive purpose to me, they literally walk away from my life and I do believe that the universe was clearing the way and connecting me with people that would walk with me on this journey. 

Face your fears and do it anyway…

The fears you don’t face become your limits

Robin Sharma

Facing your emotions, facing the fears that cripple you, is the first step in becoming true to yourself. Self-awareness of your emotions is a big leap and is a positive step, at times we do not want to experience these emotions so we then numb them by blocking them. This energy does not escape, it stays within us and so we become embroiled in this cycle of escapism and running away from who we are. There are stories you hear, people in their own mental purgatory as they become strangers to themselves, ”they do not know who they are” and that is the sticking point. Allowing our emotions can invoke painful memories and experiences. As this is a lifestyle change and not just for a season, there are a few tips you can adapt and include in your lifestyle.

  • meditation – taking the time to listen to yourself, digging deep within you and calmly observing you as a human being, without passing judgement to any actions you take. A few minutes a day, take that time for yourself, you can use apps that can guide you, for those who are beginners or just start slowly without the guided meditation.
  • positive affirmations – speak to yourself, give yourself the positivity you need in your life. Learn to acknowledge and let the negative little voice pass and override that with a beautiful uplifting positive mantra, again there are several sources you can use e.g follow some Instagram posts, Youtube videos, Facebook and Pinterest have a wealth of content.
  • love yourself – love you, the one person that can change the course of your life. When you learn to love yourself, you can then embark on changing everything around you. 

Remember, this is a lifestyle and not just for a season, it is a daily habit you can intergrate in your life. Time to time, I have to remind myself when I lose course but I always have the above tips to steer me back in the right direction. 

I hope you will find this post useful, it is time for a change, and it is not too late………………………

Until next time, beautiful souls.

5 Marketing tips – are you targeting the right people?

5 Marketing tips – are you targeting the right people?

How to build your customer avatar.

Marketing can be so daunting, especially when you have nowhere to start or who to market to. The virtual world is vast so you want to ensure that by targeting the right person to your services you are not aiming blindly.  This post will provide building blocks on building your customer avatar. 

”To successfully sell your product, you need to be marketing to the people that need your product”

So who is your target audience? How do you start identifying this person in this vast virtual world, by so doing you are likely to save yourself invaluable time and money. There are 5 important starter questions that are essential in defining your target  customer, in this post, we will expand on each question. 

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