So this weekend has been a beautiful, cathartic exercise I carried out, that was long overdue…………..I had a clear out, I guess I could call it an autumn clean opposed to the ”spring cleaning” we tend to do when spring is looming. It all started on Wednesday when my dad nearly got lost in my garage, yes it had stuff literally falling out, stacked items on top of each other as I always had the ”in case I’ll need it” mindset. My dear dad proclaimed he will come over one morning and clear out my garage, and sure enough, he did stick to his words. What happened in the days that followed was a massive transformation to my psyche.

What I discovered during those few days was a lot of baggage, unnecessary items that I didn’t even use. Knowing now that everything is energy I realised I was harbouring old ghosts in the items. I still had stuff I had with my ex-partner when we were together. I saw this as holding on to the past so I knew the best thing to do was remove all these items and clear the energy for new energy. The trip to the tip was such a great release interestingly I felt lighter and my mood was uplifted becaus

  • I released energies from the past
  • I also had a very clean garage

I just didn’t stop there, I then cleared out my wardrobes, I had bags of clothes and shoes I cleared out,  I had not worn in such a long time and they went to people that really needed them. I realised I went through a phase of buying clothes, not because I needed them, I feel that I was replacing something I had lost with online clothes shopping. Most of the clothes weren’t things I even wore!  So not only was it a therapeutic activity for my mind and soul, but I was also doing something charitable. I noticed that, during a challenging time, a few years ago.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits that clearing out has, I can’t imagine there are any negatives other than saying goodbye to the things you thought you needed otherwise it is a positive experience.

  • With clearing out, comes cleaning and re-organisation (brilliant bonus).
  • Clearing clutter clears trapped, old energy and also letting go of the past and generating new energy.
  • Clearing clutter has a tremendous impact on our physical and mental wellbeing when you clear out it is symbolic of ridding old emotions you have been holding on to and may also increase vibrational energy in your home. The emotions may not all be bad but as we shed skin cells and hair so should we shed old energy to create room for new energy

There are brilliant tips on what to clear when you’re making room for new things and how it benefits your wellbeing click here to read Kelly Prince’s article. Now that we have highlighted the wonderful benefits of physically clearing out to benefit us physically and spiritually, think about what you need to clear out in your house, car or garage to make way for new energy and to release old trapped energy. Mindfully take note if you feel different immediately after the exercise and if you then continue to experience a different energy shift moving forward. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from cleansing your surroundings, until next time beautiful souls..…..

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