How come we find it difficult to feel positive, to be in a higher frequency or vibration? Why does negativity cloud and dominate our essence when something awful happens for a brief moment, it takes over our whole disposition and completely clouds our emotions? We are told that in order to be the kind of person that is righteous and existing on a higher consciousness one has to

  • to be selfless yet not a walkover,
  • kindness without expectation
  • loving without passing judgement

Basically, loving everything around us without passing any form of judgement, serving the world without any expectation of getting something back but just helping because you want to transform someone’s life. All these qualities are the epitome of an individual who is living a fulfilled life with a higher consciousness. So how come it is a challenge to live according to those qualities? How do you survive life’s curveballs without losing patients and pulling your hair out? Living righteously is when you truly live your life as genuinely as you would like, without any pretence, just being you! How liberating does that make you feel when you wake up thinking, I am who I am, without needing to please anyone at your detriment. Living a fulfilled righteous life does not mean being a people pleaser whilst sabotaging your happiness, it’s when you have awareness of what is right and fulfilling in your life. I guess what I’m trying to understand, as I journey through life is that, in order to live positively, I should live a fulfilled life, I exist harmoniously with everything that is around me and that I follow my purpose.

When you come to realise the essence of the Universe and what it has to offer for us earthlings, is that each and every one of us came to this earth with a talent and to use that talent to heal, mentor and empower each other. That makes each individual on this planet unique and gifted, such that pursuing that purpose, for those that have not yet done so, so fulfilling because that is when you realise that you are here for a reason. Our purpose/gifts are transformational beyond measure, and because there is such a variety of purposes, we are bound to learn infinitely as there is always something new to discover. However, this brings me back to the same question,

Why is it only a few realise the Universe is here to provide for us and guide us through life so we can be whoever we want to be and pursue our dreams? What has clouded our thought process, mindsets and behaviours that has convinced us that we should not question anything and that we should be content with the way our life path is shaped? There seems to be ”a wake-up call” which is termed as ”the awakening” when an individual becomes aware of a transformation and an awareness that there is more to life than we think we know. From then on, the way life is viewed becomes so different and more meaningful because when you awaken, the mind is inquisitive and yearning to know more so much that self-development becomes essential. Finding your purpose to serve the world becomes paramount as putting the world right becomes far important than material gain.

You will never be the same again, I guess what I’m trying to say is you cannot reverse the ”awakening” because the only way is forward from that point. When you start questioning your existence, who you are and what is around you, you realise that you will not tolerate the things that do not serve your purpose. Often enough I have listened to several podcasts and read a lot in forums and groups how some people have changed their way of life, for example,

  • eating habits   – cutting out sugar, fatty or fast foods as these foods do not keep our bodies healthy, some people decide to become vegetarian completely cutting out meat. This one is quite difficult for me personally as I have only cut out sugar recently, it is tough but I am getting used to it. I’ve not cut out the meat yet not got to that stage and not sure whether I would, however, I do incorporate a vegetarian diet.
  • exercising – it is a great way to release endorphins and the feel-good vibes that is food to our souls.
  • being present – becoming aware of your surrounding, living in the present, one of the chores of meditation. This leads me to the next point.
  • be around people who inspire and build you – this is important as you will become aware that opportunities will become available and some may say ”coincidences” I would say ”synchronicities” become apparent…..
  • meditation – taking the time to go introspective and understand yourself and gain mental clarity. Meditation provides the calmness and heightened awareness. I am still miles away from being experienced, I do struggle to meditate daily or as often as I would like. I try not to put myself under pressure when  I don’t get a chance to meditate, I would love to meditate so it becomes a way of life rather than a task to do!

Can you imagine the goodness and joy that will come to you when exhibiting positivity, fulfilling your purpose and living your life the best way you can? How amazing will life be, rather than waiting for something to happen in order for you to be happy, it’s about being happy during the journey of life. Being genuine to yourself and to others, It is not about people pleasing, it’s about honest living with compassion and empathy towards others. Connecting with like-minded people who will inspire you to live your higher level, the Universe will bring to you what you exhibit so why not live a fulfilled positive life, just being you, and enjoying the life we have, it is a wonderful gift and we only have 1 life.



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