Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them


Mindset shift?

The quote above is very powerful and it has changed my outlook on how I viewed the fortunate and unfortunate incidences in my life.  Whatever you ”are starting all over again” with. Take that as an opportunity to go back to the drawing board, learn from the experience and continue your journey. When you have the mindset to deal with ups and downs, your ”downs” can become great opportunities.  

A mindset shift is not an overnight miraculous change, it takes a lot of work to reprogram the mind so as to deal with day to day challenges. Negativity has such an impact on our health.  When there is a lot of negative energy the body responds by increasing heart rate (fight or flight response). So imagine your body going through this fight or flight experiences several times a day, what impact would that have on your wellbeing?

This strain will bring illness to the body, mind and spirit. A positive mindset promotes growth, a personal development which is encouraged to living a fulfilled life. The benefits of a positive mindset are evident and reflected in your health, spirit, and mind. A small shift in change will provide you with a number of benefits.

Steps towards the right mindset shift

What are the steps needed to begin this life-changing way of life? When an action is performed repeatedly, it becomes a habit. Making sure you practice the actions consistently will result in the shift happening such that it becomes a way of life. Here are some that you could take note.

  • Instead of doing the same activity/task habitually, try doing something different.
  • Be your own best fan, love yourself. When you love yourself you become kinder to yourself. We are our own worst saboteurs, self-doubting our capabilities.
  • Becoming mindful of yourself,  becoming more aware of everything around us. A lot of the times we are on autopilot such that we could go about our daily tasks and not notice the beauty the world has to offer.
  • Exercise – is a great way of releasing endorphins and when the body is energetic and fit, it feeds into a positive mindset.
  • Increase knowledge, learn something new, read more. Stimulating the brain has benefits to your body and a great mindset – ”knowledge is power”. There is an interesting article that delves into the benefits of continued self-development, click here if you want to know more.

As you may have noted, a positive mindset has advantages that outweigh a troubled negative mindset. I don’t think we choose to have a negative mindset, I feel that becoming aware that the mindset needs changing is the first challenge with the next challenge being the process of shifting the mindset. Once we have that awareness the journey begins, and I say it is a journey as it is ongoing………

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